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Wayne McDonell

Wayne McDonell


Wayne McDonell went from being in the venture capital world to joining the forex trading world because he thought it made good business sense.

“As a venture capitalist, I looked at business plans for market opportunities. A multi-million dollar market would be worth investing into. One day, I was reading something that said forex was worth $1 trillion a day. I couldn’t believe it. I started looking into it and sure enough it’s true. As an investor, you have to go where the money is and forex [was] something that I want[ed] to get into,” he says.

He taught himself how to trade and began trading forex in 2001. “There was very little educational material back then that was worth the price of paper it was printed on,” he says. But I caught on to trading quickly and developed my own online trading community four and a half years ago when isolation became a risk to his trading success. “I started trading forex out of my home office from 10 at night to 10 in the morning. It was cold, dark and lonely and I had no one to high five and no one to kick me in the butt when I did badly. When I was trading in isolation, I started to make mistakes and traded out of boredom,” he says.

Since then has come a long way to being the Chief FX Strategist for TradersWay. He has been trading forex publically since 2004. His analysis has since appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Television, Fox Business, Futures Magazine, FOREX Journal Magazine and more. His book, Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading” was a best seller in its category for 5 years. Awards include “Best of Show” at the Forex Trading Expo, “Best of Show” at the Traders Expo, “Best Educational Webinar” FXstreet.com, “Best Webinar” FXstreet.com and “Best Blog” FXstreet.com.

Wayne McDonell will share his analysis based on a multi-strategy approach that uses both technical and fundamental analysis. You will learn event, scalp, spot, and swing and carry trading strategies. Trading fundamentals, such as results of recent news events, global macroeconomics and central banking policies will also be discussed in great detail

Chief FX Market Strategist
TradersWay – Retail Forex ECN
December 2014 – Present (1 year 4 months)
– Provide macro-economic analysis and technical trading strategies to our retail clients.
– Instruments include Spot Forex, Metals, Energies, Global Stock Indices and Binary Options.
– Manage a team of 6 technical analysis analysts.
– Responsible for the development and management of Forex. Today
– Live webinars at Forex. Today and FXstreet.com

Senior FX Strategist
May 2005 – May 2015 (10 years 1 month)
Education and training website for the Foreign Exchange (FX) trading industry. Received 1.2M pageviews per month from 20,000 members. Winner of several awards, such as “Best In Show”, “Best Forex Blog”, “Best Educational Contributor”, “Best Live Webinar” and more. Authored (Wiley Publishing) “FX BOOTCAMP Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading” a category best seller for 5 years.